We help you find deals in the EC2 Reserved Instance marketplace

You are afraid of that monthly invoice and stress every time your billing alerts go off. We feel your pain. Purchasing Reserved Instances (RIs) is one of the best ways to shave big bucks off your AWS bill. Finding deals on these instances on AWS isn’t as easy as it should be, which is why this site was built. We do the heavy lifting to identify the best bargains in the marketplace and make it easy for you to search and compare against on-demand pricing.

Reserved Instances are a long term commitment to purchase compute on AWS, at significantly less than the on-demand pricing. Think of reserved instances like leasing a car and on-demand pricing like renting by the day. If you know you’ll need the car for a long period, it usually makes sense to lease instead of rent. In some cases, you’ll save even more by prepaying all or the partial amount upfront.

Most reserved instances are sold directly from AWS in one or three-year terms. The marketplace is where individuals or businesses that are looking to offload their contracts put them up for sale. It may be because they need the cash, or just don’t need the capacity anymore. Sellers that are eager to offload their contracts often means big bargains and shorter commitments for you, the buyer. Buying from a third-party seller is no different from buying from AWS and all the logistics behind the scenes are handled for you, and the savings kick in immediately after purchase. There's no physical difference between a reserved instance sold by a third-party and AWS, so you can buy from third-party sellers with confidence.

Searching ReservedMarket.com is free. If you would like to get alerts when deals are listed to the market place (so you can grab them before anyone else), you can subscribe to our premium membership. We're confident it will pay for itself many times over, with the deep discounts you'll find in the marketplace.

ReservedMarket.com : Search and Find Deals in the EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace.