How To Buy A Reserved Instance

You found a deal in the marketplace and are ready to buy. You can purchase instances in the web-based console or via an API call. If you would like to purchase using a listing ID, you can only do so with the API.

In your AWS console (browser):

  1. In the services menu, click EC2
  2. In the left navigation, click Reserved Instance
  3. Click Purchased Reserved Instances
  4. Select the desired options in the drop down menus and click Search
  5. Click Add to Cart
  6. Click View Cart
  7. Click Order

Using the API:

You will need in the listing id (aka offering id), which you can get by expanding a listing row in the data table.

aws ec2 purchase-reserved-instances-offering \ --reserved-instances-offering-id bec624df-a8cc-4aad-a72f-4f8abc34caf2 \ --instance-count 1

To look up the status of the purchase:

aws ec2 describe-reserved-instances : Search and Find Deals in the EC2 Reserved Instance Marketplace.